5n2 Meals2U

Meals2U is a free food delivery service that was created in response to the global pandemic. With more people being unable to leave their homes, Meals2U provides fresh, healthy, warm meals right to people’s doors. It is meant to operate solely as a short term program for the duration of the pandemic. The program began in the late spring of 2020, but unfortunately had to pause in the fall due to lack of funding. Once more funding was secured, the program began operating again in January of this year.

On average, the Meals2U program serves 50-60 households per week, providing up to 5 meals per household. At the height of the pandemic, Meals2U was operating 5 days a week – meaning food was being delivered from Monday through Friday. This year, however, Meals2U operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 2pm only, to make the program more manageable for the kitchen staff and volunteers.

Meals are prepared out of the 5n2 kitchen by the kitchen staff and volunteers, and are then portioned out to individual servings and sent off with one of 20 volunteer delivery drivers. Food from the 5n2 community garden gets used to make meals depending on availability/abundance of the garden’s harvest.

Signing Up

To sign up for the Meals2U free food delivery service, clients can visit the 5n2 website and click through the pop-up on the main page. From there, they are taken to a Google form where they provide their contact details and address, indicate how many meals they are requesting, pick a delivery date, and choose whether they would like a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal. There are only two options to choose from per week, and the menu changes week to week depending on what rescued food is available to the kitchen.

Clients who are unable to access the website can call in to 5n2, where a staff member or volunteer will fill out the virtual form on their behalf. Each time a client wants to request a meal from Meals2U, they will need to fill out a new form. This service is restricted to residents of Scarborough only, with the exact boundaries visible on the map below.