Save A Child From Hunger

With Every $8 Donated, We Can Save A Child From Hunger

At 5N2, we have been busy serving the vulnerable in our neighbourhoods on a daily basis operating 7 days/week this past year. The pandemic hit low-income families, including those who have suffered job losses, newcomers and refugees, and others struggling to make ends meet. There were multiple school closures leading to the removed access of Toronto district’s student nutrition program which placed 2 million children at the risk of experiencing hunger on a daily basis. We supported communities working with youth engagement, supplying meals and food supports to vulnerable children.

This past year we have revised our mission and vision. Our mission is to fight food insecurity and to this purpose our vision is to enable equitable access to food support for marginalized communities.

Our team continues to work hard to supply healthy nutritious meals and food supports for communities in need. We are currently serving over 3500 meals weekly.

Our challenge this year remains largely with sustaining our services even as needs are increasing exponentially. We may have enetered the recovery phase of the pandemic, but significant challenges and barriers to accessing food remain. Please consider donating and sharing in support of our mission today!