With Just $8, You Can Help Us Keep Scarborough Fed

Scarborough, a vibrant and diverse community in Toronto, faces a growing hunger problem among residents of all ages and backgrounds, demonstrated by longer lineups at food banks. As a vital part of Toronto’s cultural fabric, it is disheartening to witness the struggle many residents face to access basic nutritional necessities. As such, the increasing demand placed on food banks emphasizes the urgent need for collaborative action to “Keep Scarborough Satiated.”

The Growing Hunger Problem
Hunger rates in Scarborough have escalated in recent years, especially during the pandemic, which left many individuals and families increasingly vulnerable to food insecurity. Post-pandemic, however, there are still struggles. Rising living costs, inadequate employment opportunities, and limited access to nutritious food exacerbate the problem. As the cost of living continues to soar, many residents are forced to allocate a significant portion of their income toward housing and other essential expenses, leaving little room for food.

Longer Lineups at Food Banks
The increasing demand for food assistance has placed a great strain on Scarborough’s food banks. The long lineups at these crucial community resources reflect the magnitude of the problem. Families and individuals, often facing difficult circumstances such as job loss, underemployment, or health issues, rely on food banks as a lifeline to meet their nutritional needs. Unfortunately, the supply of food donations struggles to match the escalating demand, as the banks are donation-based and volunteer-run. This results in longer wait times and inadequate support for all those in need.

Addressing the Issue
To “Keep Scarborough Satiated” and tackle the hunger problem, 5N2 is leading an effort to provide 3500 meals weekly to marginalized communities across Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area. However, to keep up with the reduced supply of food donations and increasing food costs, we need your help. By donating $8, you can provide a meal, and with $15, you can give a bag of groceries to a family. You can also register to volunteer and receive community service hours for your efforts and help make a difference in your community!