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A Charity Kitchen Tackles Food Insecurity in Scarborough

Voices from the Food Frontlines, Pandemic and Beyond

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5N2 not only expanded its workings to 7 days a week, but also introduced 5N2 Food Pantry to provide vulnerable community members residents with free access to fresh and dried foods.


5N2 is a Scarborough-based charity helping over 3500 people weekly battling food insecurity. After 8 years of operation, they need your contributions to ensure their continued success in the future. Let’s learn how they get started and what you can do for the community!

The Scarborough-based charity known as the 5N2 has not closed its doors since the start of the pandemic. Founder Seema David has made it her mission in life to fight food insecurity for those in need ever since she immigrated to Canada in 2007. Susan Hay updates the story.

This food charity has fed Scarborough residents throughout the pandemic. It needs a new home and time is running out. 5N2, which operates seven days a week, is facing eviction by year’s end after its lease was not renewed. It’s the second Toronto-based organization battling food insecurity in need of a new home; the St.

A community food shelter in Scarborough is facing closure after being told they cannot renew their lease.
Forced to relocate, 5N2 is trying to raise the money to stay afloat and continue serving their community.


Charity 5N2 serves 3500 free meals at 11 locations in Toronto, and not only have they not been closed a single day during the pandemic,

Scarborough soup kitchen crowdfunding for new space amid construction project concerns. 5N2 Kitchens has since launched…