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Fighting food insecurity in our communities


To produce sustainable and equitable nutrition to marginalized communities 


To support our free meal program and to ensure continuity of our mission

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About The Farms

5N2 is doing what no other Canadian food support small charity has done before — growing produce using a hydroponic farm system in order to be self-sustainable.

Founded in 2013 by Seema David, 5N2 has been actively fighting food insecurity in Scarborough over the past decade. Today, 5N2 is on the path of revolutionizing the future of the small charity sector, having added an innovative hyper local agriculture cultivation system. With two hydroponic farms currently stationed on-site, the farms are now up and running!

Unlike traditional farming, crops are soil-less and rely on nutrient rich water and lights in a controlled environment agriculture (CEA). This closed system allows optimal conditions to be maintained year-round, unaffected by the vagaries of the external environment.

Seema envisions that this farming system will not only create a stable means of fresh greens for their free meal programs, but also create a revenue stream propelling 5N2 onto a path of self-sustainability.

“With these farms, we are able to grow fresh, leafy vegetables year round and we hope to contribute to “revolutionize local access to food for a more sustainable future — not just in terms of the environment, but by also making communities more resilient and secure.” – Seema David

What are the benefits of hydroponics?

          • Controlled environment
          • Minimal footprint
          • Low water usage
          • 100% pesticide free
          • Year-round availability

Your purchase of $15 supports two free meals to a community member



Your purchase of $50 supports two bags of free groceries to a family


 Orders are available for pickup on-site.

For more information, please contact farms@5n2.ca.