Our Programs

We are now operating from our new location on Progress Avenue in Scarborough! PLEASE NOTE that 5N2 is not open to walk-ins! Only those with an appointment or referral will be able to access our services. Please visit the About page for a list of our Partners as well as the Locations We Serve.

5N2 is more than just a kitchen, while we continue to deliver meals to clients, we have expanded our services to serve our community at a grassroots level. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been operating a Food Pantry by incorporating a model to mitigate the long wait time at conventional food banks. This enables clients to access food supplies on an appointment basis through a referral system with our 12 partnership organizations.

Current Programs

5N2 has been operating a Food Pantry for clients who can not access the conventional food banks. This enables clients to access food supplies through a referral system with our partnership organizations.

Past & Upcoming

“The Independent Senior Course” is a set of free EdU interactive workshops for seniors on topics that equip them with the basics surrounding navigating digital technology. 5N2 was proud to offer 5N2 EdU during the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently working towards building on this offering with 5N2 Seniors, which will make similar courses avaliable to seniors in our community. Online booking will become avaliable when 5N2 Seniors courses are scheduled

The 5N2 Gardens initiative promoted the values of community service, environmental stewardship and environmental education. Through interactive workshops, community members learn how to grow, maintain and harvest crops.

Meals2U was a free food delivery service that was created in response to the global pandemic. With more people being unable to leave their homes, Meals2U provided fresh, healthy, warm meals right to people’s doors.