Our Programs

At 5n2, we are more than just a kitchen. To serve the community at a grassroots level, we are now offering the following programs under the 5n2 umbrella. While we will continue to serve free meals to all who need one, we are expanding our services to include a community garden, a free food pantry, and Meals4U, a subsidized meal delivery program targeting seniors and others.

Our Programs

5n2 Kitchens

5n2 kitchens is our original operation, where we prepare, cook, and supply meals to our community. We work with partnerships to rescue perishable food supplies and support our free meal programs. 

5n2 Meals4U

Meals4U provides home made fresh and nutritious meals to seniors and others, at a subsidized cost. This initiative will directly support our free meal programs.

5n2 Food Pantry

Our pantry provides groceries to community members who are in need of additional support. 

This service is available by appointment only. 

5n2 Gardens

This initiative promotes the values of community service, environmental stewardship and environmental education. Through interactive workshops, community members…

How Meals4U Works

Order @ Meals4U

Meals4U is an Online Food Delivery Service. Choose your favourite meals from menu options.

Cash On Delivery / Online Payment

You can proceed to checkout by login or as a guest user. 

We Cook, We Deliver

We cook and deliver meals to your home address at selected delivery time.

Pickup is available

Curbside Pickup is available from Monday to Friday from 11pm to 5pm.  Contact us at: meals4u@5n2.ca

What We Offer at Meals4U

Weekly Fresh Menus

Fresh and delicious recipes delivered twice a week. Look out for new items on our weekly menu and festive meals for special occasions.

Fresh Ingredients

Home made fresh and nutritious meals to seniors and others, at a subsidized price.

Tasty Meals

Make your selection: Chicken, Beef, Steak, Pork/Sausage, Seafood, and Vegetarian/Vegan.