Our Programs

At 5n2, we are more than just a kitchen. To serve the community at a grassroots level, we are now offering the following programs under the 5n2 umbrella. While we will continue to serve free meals to all who need one, we are expanding our services to include a community garden, a free food pantry.

Our Programs

5n2 Kitchens

5n2 kitchens is our original operation, where we prepare, cook, and supply meals to our community. We work with partnerships to rescue perishable food supplies and support our free meal programs. 

5n2 Food Pantry

Our pantry provides groceries to community members who are in need of additional support. 

This service is available by appointment only. 

5n2 Gardens

This initiative promotes the values of community service, environmental stewardship and environmental education. Through interactive workshops, community members…

5n2 EdU

“The Independent Senior Course” is a set of free EdU interactive workshops for seniors on topics to equip you with the basics on navigating digital technology in these challenging times.

This program is available by online booking only.