People should not have to choose between food and rent.
Yet every day in Toronto, they do.

One in every 8 households is food insecure.

These are households with children who cannot concentrate on learning because of hunger; households whose food runs out before the end of the month and households of working families who cannot afford healthy food.


Past Campaigns

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#HangAStocking December 2022

#HangAStocking was a Holiday 2022 campaign that aimed to harness the giving spirit of the holidays. By encouraging 5N2 supporters to hang a stocking in their house for those facing food insecurity during the holiday season, the campaign aimed to raise awareness for those that might not be able to hang a stocking of their own. Participants and followers were encouraged to donate a small amount (loonies or toonies, for example) to the stocking they had hung for the marginalized in their community every time they gave or recieved a gift, and then donate the total amount to 5N2 at the conclusion of their holiday season.

#IsItASandwich September 2022

#IsItASandwich was a fun online debate that was launched to not only raise funds in support of 5N2, but also answer the age old question of what exactly is a sandwich. Are tacos a sandwich? What about hot dogs? Participants and followers made their voice heard by donating to and rallying online support for the team that they thought deserved to be recognized as an official sandwich.