About Us

5n2 is a registered charity with the mission of fighting food insecurity in our communities, and a vision of creating equitable access to food supports in marginalized communities. This organization has 3 programs in addition to the main kitchen to combat hunger from a holistic perspective. 

Food insecurity is not just about the food at 5n2; we go above and beyond to promote great quality and quantity of the food through the 5n2 Gardens and the 5n2 Free Food Pantry. Although it is undoubtedly important that we feed the mouths of those who are hungry, we greatly value the quality and taste of the meals that we serve as well.

We are in our ninth year of operation and provide these services through 12 locations across Scarborough. The pandemic has stifled the economy, and our charity needs the community’s help to feed those who have been financially devastated by COVID-19. We are currently relying on individual donations and time-bound grants, but we require steady sources of funding to sustain our services. We will be unable to continue the same level of work if we finish 2021 without a greater number of recurring month donors.

This is why we are launching our campaign, the 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes to thank those who have decided to give us their monthly support. We are giving away 4 Ripley’s Express Anytime tickets! All recurring donors of $50.00 or more who have donated between 12:01 AM of June 7th, 2021 and 11:59PM of July 20th, 2021 automatically qualify, although there is also a free method of entry below.

Become a monthly donor and enter today!

See terms and conditions below!

5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes – OFFICIAL RULES


5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes (also referred to as “5n2 Friends” or the “Sweepstakes”) is open only to individuals who are: (a) legal residents of Canada (excluding residents of the Province of Quebec); and (b) over the age of majority in his/her province or territory or state of residence; and (c) physically located within Canada at the time of entry and possess a valid Token. Individuals who are affiliated with the operations of 5n2 in any capacity (employees, or family members of the employees) are not eligible to participate in 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes. The Donor may have to prove their eligibility before entering, and failure to comply may result in disqualification ‍

How To Enter

No purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win. Tokens can be awarded by the 5n2 as an incentive through free (see part B of the sections) and paid entries.

All entries, including no purchase entries, must be received by 5n2 on or before the published Entry Deadline(s). Both methods of entry have equal odds of winning.

A. Method of Entering the 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes with Purchase:

To enter 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes by becoming a recurring monthly donor of $50.00 or more. Each integer multiple of $50.00 is considered as one Token for entry (a monthly donor of $100.00 would count as 2 Tokens of the Unique 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes Code). By phone, entrants can call (416) 551-0910 or visit CanadaHelps to donate. Each donor whose donation qualifies for the 5n2 Friends Sweepstakes will automatically be enrolled with the appropriate number of Tokens, and the unique Token code would be sent to the email address associated with the donation.

B. To Enter 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes without Purchase:

To enter the 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes without purchasing a product, entrants can send a handwritten entry by mail to: 2050 Ellesmere Road, Unit 4/5B Scarborough  ON M1H 3A9, Attn: 2021 5n2 Friends Entry Summer Recipe. Your Entry request must be legibly hand-printed or written on a blank A4 piece of paper, and must include: (a) a recipe of maximum 500 words about three summer recipes you love and why; and (b) your full name, complete mailing address, telephone number (including area code), and a valid email address. Each Summer Recipe must be hand-printed,  unique, and written specifically for 5n2 Friends. You must also include your return address on the exterior of the envelope, which also must be legibly hand-printed in blue or black ink. Each Entry must be in a separate outer stamped envelope. Entries that are not printed or written manually in ink will be nullified. Upon receipt of a valid 5n2 Friends Entry request, you will receive one (1) Entry into 5n2 Friends and will receive a unique 5n2 Friends Token evidencing such Entry for each valid request received. The 5n2 Friends Token will be emailed to each entrant within twenty (20) business days from receipt of the valid request, to the email address associated with each postage. Please be mindful of your spam folder as 5n2 Friends is not responsible for neglected emails. If the 5n2 Friends Draw Code is not received within twenty-five (25) business days, please contact 5n2 at info@5n2.ca. 

LIMIT: There will be no more than one Entry donation per person during the contest period. This means each person can only enter once with their monthly donation amount, and not multiple times during the Contest Period with monthly donations. . Each Entry request must be in a separate outer stamped envelope, postmarked during the Entry Period, and must be received on or before the applicable Entry Deadline. Please refer to section 4 for deadlines. In addition, each winner is only entitled to a pair of tickets. The first winner with the selected Token can no longer qualify to receive a second pair of Ripley’s Aquarium Express Anytime Tickets. 

For purposes of ‘Entry without Purchase’ or No Purchase Necessary (NPN), each valid Entry is considered as a ‘Token”.

C. General:

Each 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes Token can only be used one (1) time to claim the Ripley’s Aquarium Express Anytime Ticket. All 5n2 Friends Tokens must be verified, and may be nullified if they are found to not have been obtained or submitted in accordance with these Official Rules. 5n2 is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, or otherwise damaged postage due to factors out of 5n2’s control. 5n2 reserves the final say over the validity of the Tokens. No mechanical reproductions, or automated entries to obtain the 5n2 Tokens is permitted, and may result in disqualification. Each participant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and by the decisions of the Donor in respect to 5n2 Friend,  whose decisions shall be final and binding with respect to all aspects of the 5n2 Friends Charity Sweepstakes. Each Token number is valid for claiming two (2) Ripley’s Express Anytime tickets (eg: Token Number 2 is eligible for claiming one (1) pair of tickets). 5n2 reserves the final say over all disputes concerning the rules and regulations over 5n2 Friends. 

In the event of a dispute as to the identity of the person who submitted an Entry, the authorized account holder of the email, or physical home address submitted at time of Entry will be deemed to be the rightful entrant. The “authorized account holder” is defined as the individual whose name was used to sign up for the email address, or whose name the property legally belongs to. The potential winner may be required to provide additional proof of being the authorized account holder.

D. Entry Deadlines, Prize Draws and Winner Selection

Entry date June 7th, 2021
Entry Deadline July 20, 2021
Winner selection July 23, 2021